08 April 2013


Extremely late this year, but for prosperity's sake, I wanted to get this out there...a few of the sounds that captured my ear, heart and mind in 2013:

David Crowder*Band . Sometimes
A comtemplative worship ballad that builds and builds....perfect.

David Crowder*Band . After All (Holy)
Phew...This is a Top 5 All Time Crowder*Band track for me! Meant to be enjoyed in community. From the album, Give Us Rest, which happens to be the Crowder*Band's final album as all parties have decided it's time to move on to other projects. So there's little question this double-album is also my album of the year -- it is musically rich and varied. Not simply an album, but a worship experience in its truest, more traditional sense.

Future of Forestry . Things That We Should Say
One of my new favorite bands. Hard to pick just one track from their standout Young Man Follow album, but I guess this is it. Vocally delicate and simple from its message to its instrumentation.

Mr Little Jeans . Runaway
Perfect production. Dreamy vocals and instrumentation.

On An On . Ghosts
Droning vocals accompanied by a strangely uplifting score makes for one of the most unique tracks of 2012.

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Tim Beck said...

runaway is a catchy toon.
and On an On is solid. i see they've released a full length album. sounds pretty good!