30 September 2006

Like Rocks & Minerals

So I’ve been thinking about rocks and minerals…

I have this friend who is a geologist. He once told me that rocks and minerals are a product of their environment -- in the sense that they don’t get to choose what type of rock or mineral they want to become.

Coal is coal because it’s composed primarily of carbon, along with assorted other elements, including sulfur. So if a certain area is free of carbon and sulfur, you can bet that coal mining is not a staple industry there.

A diamond is a diamond because it’s formed by prolonged exposure of carbon-bearing materials to high pressure and temperature, in regions deep within the Earth. Which is why your neighbor isn’t out digging shallow holes all over his backyard.

God placed certain materials in certain regions of the Earth, and then subjected those regions to varying environmental conditions. All the rocks and minerals had to do was become what they were created to become.

Same goes for the depth of my spirituality…

I didn’t choose to know God at the level I do.

It wasn’t like I just decided one day to go intimately deep with God.

Rather, I choose to be open to His leading…

I choose to spend more time in prayer.

I choose to spend more time in his Word.

I choose to engage in artistic endeavors that reinforced His promises to me.

I choose to spend time with others who I could see were chasing hard after His heart.

I’m not sure how you connect with God, if at all, but the number of ways are limitless.

But the bottom line is that He longs to deeply connect with you.

And all He asks is that you be open to Him.

Open to change that He’ll bring about in a receptive heart.

After all, He’s the only one who can truly see the diamond buried deep in your heart.


Anonymous said...

Can't see the rocks for the tears.

Anonymous said...

You talk about change to rocks that is caused by the environment.

I find that I'm like a chameleon, I change based on my environment.

I purpose to be more like God but I give in to life sometimes.

troy. said...

Yeah, me too.

But the cool thing is that grace, from above, is found at all levels of our environment.

Strength and honour...

Tracy said...

Hey Troy, good stuff! I stumbled upon your blog through Becky's, and so I put a link to your site on mine. It'll be cool to keep up with your journey this way, and maybe vice versa. Later!