06 October 2010

101010: Do Something

This Sunday is October 10, 2010 [aka 10/10/10], so everyone on the Internet is getting excited.

I read in the newspaper(!) that something like 35,000 couples will be married this Sunday. The most couples getting married on a single day since 08/08/08.  But if getting married is not you're thing, here are a few other ideas.

Take a photograph.
And join me in posting it for the world to see:
October 10th, A most auspicious day

Or upload it to another flickr group for all to see.

Make a film.
Help document the World's Story. One Day On Earth is probably the largest gathering of creative minds on one day.  

Visit your family, or a friend, or a neighbor you've never met.

Draw a picture.
Sorry, no links for this one.  But if this is your thing, draw a picture and share it with your friends/family, or take a photo of it and post it to one of the groups mentioned above!

Do something you're passionate about, especially if you haven't done that in a while.

Take your kids to the park, or their favorite place to eat.

Do something out of the ordinary, to remind yourself that you're still alive.

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