02 October 2010


 Waynesboro, PA . Photo: Concierge Auctions

Renfrew Park, Waynesboro, PA . Photo: Brian Toro

ADELE . Hometown Glory [follow link to mp3]

I don't know if its the kid, or the song, or what, but I'm feeling pretty nostalgic these days.  I'm thinking its sad that so many of those in my generation moved away from their hometowns. I suspect its a trend that will only continue to increase.  And although I've included pictures of my hometown, its not the town I miss, so much as the family I left behind. 

And now with the boy, its crazy to think he will grow up living quite a distance from his grandparents. In contrast, I grew up in the same town as both of my grandparents -- no more than 10 minutes from either set of them.  The way they helped shape me and the memories I hold of our times together are just priceless.

Although I'm sure there will be summer weeks spent visiting both of his grandparents (and aunts/uncles/cousins!) and extended holiday gatherings and some family vacations with all of the above...
It just won't be the same. 

But maybe it can be just as special. 

I guess that's my charge as Tian's father.  To give him the same opportunity I had to experience life to its fullest, which in our family, includes special times with those that God has placed in his life, regardless of the physical distance that separates them.


Anonymous said...

I am all for this......

"I'm sure there will be summer weeks spent visiting both of his grandparents"

When does it start?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to many special times spent with you, Angie and Little T. Love you guys! Nanny M