10 October 2010


So here's my 101010 shot.

Rough day for the little man as far as being photogenic. I took something like 65 shots of him. He was either crying or being Mr. Grumpo (but not the cute Mr. Grumpo) in all but like 5 of them. But I guess that speaks loudly of real life -- its not a happy, perfect photo shoot everyday.

As the title says, this was the day we all said goodbye to Aunt Manny. After living with us for about six weeks, she left today for Ohio, her wedding day is less than a week away. Big changes on the horizon for all of us.

We truly thank the Lord for giving us this time with her. She moved in a few days before he was born, was able to encourage Angie in the early stages of labor and then was here to help out with Tian in those early weeks. And she got plenty of playtime in with Tian as well. It was really cool to listen to her sing to him, watch her read to him and pull out various toys to engage him. 

We will definitely miss you, Amanda. All our love...

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